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How to Capture Important Events from Production Processes

Mobile Workman is simple, yet reliable and highly customizable solution which can deliver important information from production to your management or other departments in timely fashion.

Make the right decisions on information received from production. Estimate costs and delivery time. Delight customers and notify them when a custom made order is being finished and is ready for delivery.

How Mobile Work In Process Tracking Works

Mobile Workman uses Android tablets as input terminals. On each tablet runs an application which is connected to our cloud-based system. Employees enter information about orders they work on - order ID and operation ID. Terminals track start and end of each operation.

Capture Important Events from Production

Each product undergoes various stages during production. Mobile Workman is here to help you receive important events from production. You can track any operation you want to. Look at it as each operation defines a stage in a production process.

You might not be interested in all operations (and you do want to bother your workmen with entering every operation) during manufacturing, but you would like to be notified when an order enters a key stage. For example is finished and ready for packaging and delivery.

This is the key information because the order's state has changed from "being manufactured" to "ready for delivery". This is exactly where our solution comes handy.

Furthermore, system can be customized to trigger certain actions when it receives information from terminals. For example, send and email and notify management that a status of certain order has changes.

This way you can streamline production and consequent processes by capturing key events from production.