Mobile work in process tracking system can be customized towards your business needs. We can customize how data are processed on the back-end as well as on the client.

Email Notifications

You can receive email notification as soon as a certain operation is finished. For example testing department is notified when a product is ready for testing. A customer receives email notification when a product is finished and is ready for delivery. Management receives an email if operation takes longer than expected.

Further Data Processing in Google Drive

We can generate additional assets in Google Drive form data collected. Like create invoices, documents or reports.

Client Customization (Mobile Application)

System as it is designed now provides general functionality. But can be extended to suit your business needs. For example you would like to track also how many pieces of various items were produced after each operation to better estimate production costs.

This is a good example of complex customization as the complexity depends on the user interface (one or more new screens) you would like to have in the application, integration with back-end services and additional processing of data on the back-end.

Mobile Data Collecting

You might need to collect additional data from mobile workforce - like customer name, age or gender. We can add custom screens and similarly to Orders and Operations pull data from Google Spreadsheets for your mobile workforce and vice versa push custom data to Google Spreadsheets.