Mobile work in process tracking system tracks work orders and related operations in real-time.  Solution is fully integrated into Google Drive. To access and modify data you need Gmail or Google Apps account. Data about work orders, defined operations and employees are synchronized from Google Spreadsheets into Android devices.

Work Orders

A work order is something your employees work on. It can be a product which is being manufactured or it can be a service that is being delivered. In both ways it is a unit of work that consists of several operations.

Work orders are defined in Orders spreadsheet. You take order IDs from your order tracking system or you assign order IDs and you put them in the spreadsheet.

System offers two ways how workmen can choose a work order:
  • either by scanning a QR code
  • or by selecting order from a list
If order IDs are encoded in QR codes workmen can scan those QR codes. QR code could be printed on a label or tag accompanying the product which is being manufactured. Or it could be printed on a document. As the product goes through each phase workmen simply scan that QR code.

Creating QR codes is very simple and takes few minutes to produce corresponding QR codes for work orders.

Or workmen can select work orders from list of available orders. This list can be anytime synchronized with the Orders spreadsheet. If you update the Orders spreadsheet employees can anytime refresh work orders on their devices.


An operation is any activity you want to track. System captures beginning and end of each operation and counts duration in hours, minutes or seconds.

Similarly to orders all operations can be edited online in a Google Spreadsheet and are synchronized with Android devices.

Moreover you can define colors for operations to easily distinguish them. Employees can update operations anytime on their devices.

Start Tracking Operation

Now we have defined orders and operations. So we know what we want to track and workmen can start tracking operations. On the main screen is the name of currently logged employee and a button to start a new operation and a button to end already started operations. Number in brackets shows number of currently started operations for employee.

Employee selects Start button and selects order 4578-8966-RX200 from the list (optionally he can scan a QR code).

Subsequently he selects operation A100 Welding.

Operation starts. Actual time stamp is captured and data are being sent to our cloud based system for processing.

Now the main screen shows one started operation that can be closed after employee finishes his task.

Monitoring Operations Online

Meanwhile a new Google Spreadsheet is created in Google Drive. Name of the spreadsheet is the ID of the work order.

And data captured from mobile devices start to appear in the spreadsheet in real-time.

First operation performed on work order 4578-8956-RX200 is inserted into spreadsheet.

Closing an Operation

As soon as a task is finished employee can close started task. Again time stamp is recorded and data are sent for further processing.

And information is processed and inserted in real-time into corresponding work order spreadsheet.

GPS Location and Pictures

System can be configured to store GPS location and employees can take picture before closing an operation. For example before a product is packaged you want to have a snapshot of the product and have a proof that the product was packaged correctly.

If enabled workmen can take picture before they close an operation. User interface now contains two buttons. One for closing the operation and one for taking a picture. 

Screenshot shows three captured and finished operations for order 4581-9006-RX200 with additional GPS infromation and link to pictures is stored in the spreadsheet.