Manufacturing Processes

Assign QR code to each work order. Employees scan the QR code as work order goes through different stages in production. Each step - operation performed - is captured. Management has real-time visibility into production processes and can estimate production costs based on data collected.

Service Sector

You can track duration of each service delivered to client. You can assign unique QR code to each order and track time spent on each operation by your workforce. Moreover, because solution is mobile you can track current work in process in the field or at customer's site.

For example you run a cleaning service. Each of your employees is equipped with an Android smartphone and tracks operations performed for the client. You have real-time information what is going on and how much time your employees spent delivering services to the client. You can calculate cost of service delivery.

Service Technician

If your company provide regular service checks for example regular yearly checks of boilers. You can stick a QR code label containing serial number of the boiler when the boiler is manufactured or sold.

When technician arrives to check the boiler he scans the QR code so you know which boiler is he servicing.  Moreover, as all operations will be stored in single spreadsheet you have out of the box history of all service tasks for the boiler.

We can further automate the whole process for example by generating a service protocol from data captured.

Document Tracking

Tag each document with a QR code containing ID of the document. As the document goes through review process you can track history of the document - who worked on the document, track status of the document (1st review, approved, archived).

Furthermore as all operations are captured and duration for each operation is counted, you can use mobile work in process tracking to estimate costs.

For example, a law firm can track how many hours employees spent on preparing and writing an agreement for a client.

Real Estate Agents

As Mobile Workman solution automatically track GPS location and users can take pictures on the go. This system can be used by real estate agents to record and send information about properties. Including pictures.